Carve with Us!

GUTS Team Overview:

Thank you for for your interest in competing as a carving team for AIGA Cincinnati’s GUTS! The greater Cincinnati community is invited to attend. Carvers can be marketers, designers, architects, art directors, photographers, engineers, lawyers and more!Please fill out the entry form to confirm your team registration.

We need Carvers with GUTS

Entry into the competition is free, but AIGA needs creative teams to help us make this community event successful.

Awards depend on audience participation as well as creativity of entries, so AIGA will provide teams that fill out the planning worksheet with press kits that will help them plan their pumpkin carving to win, and invite their friends, family, & coworkers to attend and vote for their team during the event.

The Rules

  • Bring your own pumpkins and carving tools.

  • Carving time is 90 minutes, starting at 1pm (Teams must arrive before the competition starts, at 12PM, to set up).

  • Gut your pumpkins ahead of time.

  • Creative teams may consist of only 4 people in competition (children under 14 are allowed as extra “help” under parental team member supervision).

  • Practice sessions are required to receive social media perks (see entry form).

  • Other than planning & gutting, no prep work allowed prior to the event.

  • Multiple pumpkins, gourds, and squash may be used for carving & presentation.

  • Props may be used but cannot be the majority of the design. Only carvings will be judged.

  • Power tools are allowed (and even encouraged) but must have their own power source.

  • Lighting for pumpkins must also be provided by carving teams.

  • Decorating your prep area is accepted, but you may not cover sponsor logos. Tabletop advertising space will be provided for your creative team.

As a team, you will work together on a single entry that can include as few or as many pumpkins as you would like. Your creation will all be judged and auctioned off together, as one piece. The auctioning of the pumpkins will benefit Make-A-Wish, and the team that brings in the highest price will receive additional points towards their final score. Additionally, trophies will be awarded for the best creations, judged by local + creative icons as well as all those in attendance at the event.


If you’d like to sign up, please fill out the entry form and send to Jessica Stoddard. Please contact her with any questions you have leading up to the event.

Our Mailing Address:

AIGA Cincinnati
1212 Jackson St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202